Order Process

Order Process
1. Materials required to be prepared by the Orthodontist
a. The design and manufacture order of eBrace customized lingual bracket system.
b. Report of occlusal relationship among maxillary teeth and inferior teeth.
c. One set of silicone rubber impression.
d. 2 sheets of X-ray with one being panoramic radiograph and the other being lateral cephalometric radiograph.
e. 3 facial photos and 5 intraoral photographs.

2. Material Evaluation
After receiving all the materials delivered by the orthodontist, we will arrange the review meeting to decide whether the case can be done or not for one day. If the case can not be done, we will communicate the orthodontist to reach an agreement or we will terminate the process. On the other hand, if the materials are accepted, we will tell the doctor the delivery schedule, payment terms and final treatment plan.

3. Setup of Teeth
We will carry on the setup of teeth in line with the doctor's treatment plan for 6 days.

4. Delivery of Set-up Results
The set-up results as well as the design description will be E-mailed to the doctor for confirmation in 3 days. If they are not in compliance with the doctor's requirements, relevant adjustment can be carried out in accordance with the doctor's proposal. If the set-up results fully meet the doctor's requirements, we will start to design the bracket in 5 days.

5. E-mailing of Bracket Design Screenshot
The bracket designs of the upper and lower jaw are screenshotted. Then, the screenshot is emailed to the doctor to confirm in 3 days. If the doctor is not satisfied with the design, we will make relevant adjustments based on the doctor's proposal. In the case that the design passes the doctor's confirmation, we will begin the production of customized brackets, arch wires and transfer tray in 7 days.

6. Confirmation of Relevant Information
The receipt information will be confirmed and the delivery date will be told to the doctor.

7. Examination, Package and Shipment of Products
The final products will be carefully examined, packed and then shipped to the doctor.

8. Components of the Customized Lingual Orthodontic System
The customized lingual orthodontic system the orthodontist receives is composed of the following elements.
a. A set of customized bracket and the bracket design screenshots.
b. Five sets of customized arch wires and printed drawing of arch wires.
c. A set of transfer tray.
d. Patient's original gypsum malocclusion model.
e. Patient's gypsum set-up model
f. Silicone impression
g. One set of ordering document
h. One copy of product specification

9. Product Bonding
The orthodontist bonds the eBrace customized lingual bracket system for the patient.

10. Technical Support
We will offer technical supports until the treatment is finished.

1. The eBrace production time is normally 30 workdays, not including the time of transportation and the national holidays.
2. The orthodontist should confirm the set-up results and the design screenshots within 2 days in the process of manufacture. If the treatment is delayed as a result of confirmation, the orthodontist should inform the patient.

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