eBrace Milestones

1. In March 2008, Guangzhou Riton Laser Company and South China University of Technology started the basic research of rapid proto-typing technology of the customized lingual brackets. For this, we applied for one national invention patent in December 2008.
2. In August 2009, the first national eBrace lingual bracket case was carried out in the First Clinical Medical College of Jinan University, and was finished well in November 2010. For this technology, we applied two national invention patents in September 2009.
3. In April 2010, shareholders invested 5 million RMB to establish Riton Biomaterial Co., Ltd. which was engaged in research, development, application as well as promotion of customized lingual brackets.
4. In July 2010, eBrace customized lingual brackets achieved the production license.
5. In September 2010, Riton Biomaterial applied for two national invention patents for relevant lingual bracket technologies.
6. From December 2010, the eBrace customized lingual bracket has been introduced to more than 10 domestically leading hospitals.
7. In January 2011, eBrace passed the onsite quality system audit launched by the Guangdong FDA.
8. In June 2011, eBrace acquired ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 QMS certificate issued by TUV-SUD.
9. In September 2011, we gained the eBrace customized lingual bracket registration certificate and became the only domestic manufacturer having such a kind of certificate.
10. Till October 2011, our company has applied for 7 national invention patents and 4 international PCT patents.
11. From 7th to 9th, 2012, Riton and the subsidiary stomatological hospital of the Sun Yat-sen University Guanghua School of Stomatology jointly held the first World Forum of Lingual Orthodontics, also the ninth training class of the eBrace lingual orthodontics technology .

Former vice-president of Peking University, Prof. Lin Jiuxiang served as the president of the forum and gave a lecture concerning contemporary straightener as well as relevant technological development. Professor Rafi Romano, former chairman of Israel Orthodontic Association, and many well-known domestic specialists made reports during the forum.

This forum was highly appraised by both domestic and international leading experts in the orthodontic field. Meanwhile, it was a great turning point for Chinese lingual orthodontic technology.

12. In April 2012, the Leading Capital invested 10 million RMB to the eBrace.
13. In May 2012, the first eBrace overseas training course was conducted in Bulgaria.
14. From May 2012, eBrace has attended many overseas exhibitions.
15. In May 2012, eBrace took part in the 112th AAO Annual Session in Hawaii.
16. In June 2012, eBrace attended the 10th ESLO congress in Frankfurt, Germany.
17. On August 28th and September 1st, 2012, eBrace participated in the 100th FDI Word Dental Congress in Hong Kong.
18. In November 2012, eBrace attended the 8th APOC, also the 47th IOC, in India.
19. In September 2012, the eBrace customized lingual bracket system achieved Russian Registration Certificate.
20. In September 2012, the headquarters of our company was moved to Guangzhou International Bioisland.
21. Till December 2012, Riton Biomaterial has altogether applied for 15 national patents and 4 international PCT patents, as well as 8 national patents have been officially authorized.
22. From April 2010 to December 2012, Riton Biomaterial cooperated with domestically well-known School of Stomatology as well as other institutions to organize lingual technical training course for development of domestic lingual orthodontic career. There were totally about 1,500 orthodontists attending the training course of the lingual orthodontic technology.
23. In March 2013, eBrace acquired Device Registering Number (D186646) and Owner/Operator Number (10043584) issued by FDA.

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