eBrace Advantages

1. Individualized Design
The bracket is devised in line with the contour of patients' teeth by use of the state-of-the-art CAD and CAM technologies. The personalized arc wire is great for your best occlusion.

2. Great Comfort
Using the bracket, most patients will have minimal discomfort and speech interference. After just a short period of adjustment, they can eat and speak normally.

3. Invisible Treatment
The bracket is bonded behind the teeth, so patients are able to obtain their beautiful smile secretly.

4. Time-saving Installation
Requiring no extra laboratory processing, the eBrace has substantially simplified orthodontists' clinical operation processes. The bracket can be bonded at one time with the help of the transfer tray.

5. Preformed Arch Wire
In accordance with the optimal occlusal effects of patients, the arc wire is made to be suitable for different orthodontic stages. In this way, fewer arc wire adjustment means fewer visits to the orthodontist.

6. Amazing Curative Effect
The orthodontic effects are foreseeable, based on the teeth set-up model as well as the computer digital analysis.

7. Wide Application Range
eBrace can be applied to all kinds of malocclusions while no age limits.

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