Customized Lingual Orthodontic Technology

The customized lingual appliance is manufactured adopting the CAD, CAM and DLP technologies. Such a manufacturing method is distinct from other lingual orthodontic techniques in the following three key aspects.

1. The low friction system combines the vertical and horizontal slots together. This can not only control torque but also move teeth much more rapidly, thus shortening the course of treatment on the whole.
2. The eBrace bracket bases are all customized. Meanwhile, it makes the slot closest to the torque center, achieving short arm and light force correction. Accordingly, the appropriate biological correctional force will be accurately realized during the treatment process. The customized base and compact bracket body require little oral space and make orthodontic patient feel more comfortable.
3. Owing to the personalized design and manufacture, there is no need for orthodontist to deliver the eBrace system to technicians for further processing. Such a system can be clinically used in a direct way. This makes the operation more convenient and clinical treatment efficiency significantly increased. Accordingly, the patients' requirements for aesthetical correction can be fully satisfied.

1. Visual Results

Before the customized lingual appliance is fabricated, our senior orthodontist will determine your treatment strategy, considering each aspect of the treatment process. As soon as the correction strategy is made, we will manufacture the plaster module of the final correction effects. Orthodontic patient can appreciate the treatment effects in advance on our website.

2. Customized Base
The customized base has  high position accuracy and large binding area. Therefore, the orthodontic patients will be never exposed to gum inflammation which may be caused by the contact of bracket base and the gum. The underside woven mesh pad effectively improves the adhesive force, making the bracket installed once for all.

3. Accurate Size
The bracket is fabricated by employing the German advanced DLP digital projection technology with the slot accuracy up to 15μm. The arc wire is imported from the original manufacturer. It perfectly matches with the slot, guaranteeing the correction effects.

4. Convenient Installation
The customized lingual appliance features indirect installation with the help of the transfer tray. The transfer tray precisely mounts the computer designed bracket onto the untreated model. For this reason, the bracket can be correctly positioned on the dental faces during installation. It can be fixed conveniently, fast and accurately.

5. Exquisite Appearance
The lingual appliance is individually devised by our designer in respect of the height and size of bracket according to your actual tooth conditions. This can not only guarantee convenient ligation but also comfortable treatment.

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