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The eBrace III represents an improvement over the first and second generation eBrace dental braces in terms of design and construction. Here we’ve listed some of its advantages.

1. Easy tooth alignment
The slot has a key role to play in tooth movement. It is where the archwire passes through. Because patients’ teeth are not straight, they need to be turned and tilted to align with each other. The slot determines tip and torque. As the wire completely fills the slot over time, the tooth is moved to the straight position. The eBrace III double slot design allows better control of tip and torque, thereby improving tooth treatment efficiency.

2. Accurate tooth movement
During the process of teeth being tilted and turned, the secondary slot provides extra space for the bent archwire to fill in for crowded teeth. This results in better tip and torque control, making sure tooth movement is precise.

3. Comfortable
Arc-shaped bracket minimizes the discomfort caused by the wing and hook, leading to faster treatment times with less discomfort.

Note: The lingual bracket system can be custom made from nickel chrome, gold alloy or cobalt-chromium alloy.

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